EQUIP-Mentoring program

BIS services will ensure you meet the new MQSA EQUIP regulatory criteria on image quality required at every center.
Be it thru on-site positioning mentoring of technologists, CE positioning programs, or process management consulting
you will have a partner that shares your passion for achieving excellence in image quality.


Synopsis for Bonnie Rush, RT(R)M)(QM)

Ms. Rush was recognized by her RT imaging peers in the article “Working Wonders”, highlighting her dedication, expertise and involvement in the breast
imaging field. Bonnie authored and regularly updates the definitive manual explaining the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA Made Easy) and is an expert witness in regulatory issues. Bonnie is a requested speaker at local, regional and national imaging conferences and has been quoted and authored articles in numerous industry publications. Her volunteer activities included many firsts: establishing the first San Diego (SD) low-cost mammography screening program, launching the SD Breast Cancer Early Detection Program, founding a SD Mammography Society and the first Director in Mammography for the CSRT, her state RT association.

Ms. Rush was impacted by dense breast tissue leading to a delayed diagnosis of invasive breast cancer in 2012. In that effort, she has added another first - first AHRA (Association of Medical Imaging Management) liaison to the Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc. to advance notification of the increased risk and masking of cancers in those with dense breasts.

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Meet Mammography CE Mandates - Meet the new EQUIP Image Quality Mandates - Increase viability of positioning thru on-site training - Acquire mammography CEU’s - Enhance Reliability of Services - Boost Staff Morale - Pass All Mammography Regulatory Processes - Set Up the Perfect QA/QC Manual - Identify Clinical Images for Accreditation Submission - Optimize QA/QC Processes and Expedite Performance - Maximize Staff Efficiency - Increase Productivity and Decrease Liability - Develop and Implement Viable Standards of Practice - Close the Loopholes that Lead to Litigation - Determine Mammography Equipment Acquisition and Timeframes - Train New Mammography Technologists On-Site - Improve Community And Referring Physician Loyalty - Increase Market Share In the Community - Develop Successful Outreach Projects - Practice Management - Choose An Expert Witness For Your Defense In Medical Malpractice Cases