Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) Manual

I am a new MQSA inspector and a fellow inspector had a copy of MQSA Made Easy. I definitely need something to help make it a little easier.

The “Phantom” Inspector

I believe this manual will make a great addition to the quality assurance sections of Breast Imaging Departments. I will recommend this manual to all of our graduating fellows who are entering practices where they will serve as part of the Breast Imaging Division.

Robyn Birdwell, MD, Department of Radiology, Stanford University, School of Medicine

MQSA Made Easy is an appropriate title for an important resource… It is a must for every mammography department.

Robert Hurwitz, MD – 20 mammography units, Southern California

Bonnie authored and distributes the highly acclaimed manual
“MQSA Made Easy, Understanding and Implementing the Facility-Based Final Regulations”,
which is regarded as a must-have for all mammography facilities.
She self publishes to allow for timely updates as new significant changes are made to the requirements.

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UPDATED 2024 Version 
Including ALL available 2D (FFDM)
3D (DBT) MQSA Information

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Book review for: MQSA Made Easy, Understanding and Implementing the Facility-Based Final Regulations 

MQSA Made Easy delivers as the title indicates. This comprehensive manual takes the sting out of implementing the regulations formulated by the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

Click here to read the entire review.

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I have attended two of your MQSA seminars. I have humbly accepted the title of MQSA maven. However, it was made possible by your precise and accurate information. Now my “Bible” is MQSA Made Easy.

Peggy Ruiz Marquez, RT(R)(CV)(M)

“I attended your MQSA and ACR…seminar. I also purchased your book. …we have a pretty tough inspector …He congratulated me on having ZERO ‘non-compliance items’.

Laurel Mahar, RT(R)(M)

I firmly believe that following your hints was the key to a perfect inspection.

Laurel Mahar, RT(R)(M)

Positioning Concerns

Contact Bonnie for on-site positioning help!

Bonnie Rush is wonderful and I always leave her seminars with so much information and motivation for ways to improve.

L. DeHaan, RT,(R)(M)

I ordered the new edition of MQSA Made Easy by Bonnie Rush, and I
can’t recommend it highly enough!
I have used her prior one, and it has never failed me, but this includes
DBT and EQUIP regulations. It is extremely organized and reads like a
recipe.  Thanks so much Bonnie for making the MQSA so much more
easily understood.

Amy Watters, Scripps San Diego.

Bonnie Rush is an excellent speaker and her humor a delight. I really felt I leaned techniques
that I can use in my daily practice.

Linda Califano, RT(R)(M)