If your imaging facility operates a mammography service, you’re more than aware of the litany of
woes you face on a daily basis. Among your challenges are falling reimbursement, outrageous
malpractice insurance premiums, and a patient population that persists in thinking that mammography
should be infallible.

But do you know about the moves you can make to help your practice navigate mammography’s perilous
waters? Fear not, for we’re featuring a survival guide to malpractice and mammography this week in
our Women’s Imaging Digital Community, based on a presentation at this week’s American Healthcare
Radiology Administrators (AHRA) meeting.

In her talk, Bonnie Rush of Breast Imaging Specialists in San Diego offered tips on how
mammography centers can reduce their malpractice risk. For example, a clinical breast exam should always be
performed with the mammogram for screening cases, she said, and centers should keep extensive
documentation of abnormal clinical results.

Mammography centers can also minimize potential litigation by changing the way they interact with
patients and referring physicians.

Brian Casey
Editor In Chief Aunt Minnie

For complete information on the course “Reducing the Risk of Medical Malpractice in Breast Imaging” contact Bonnie by email