Carlos Vasquez, FACHE

Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Bonnie posses a passion for breast imaging excellence and women’s health, with a national stamp on breast imaging best practice, subject matter expert and highest standard of care. Bonnie has a proven track record and professional lifetime dedication to breast health: from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and centers management; and most recently advocating for dense breast issue in the U.S. Bonnie’s unprecedented knowledge of entire breast imaging spectrum, couple with her remarkable understanding of healthcare delivery models gives her a unique advantage when crafting customers’ solutions, and in leading her team.

Maureen Knapp

Mammographer at Southwest General Health Center

Hello Bonnie. I am quite sure you don't remember me...(since you have probably met at least a few thousand mammographers). I have seen you at a couple of your seminars some years ago. I have had the pleasure of speaking to you one on one. It meant a great deal to me that you took the time to do so. It may please you to know that we still keep your MQSA book in our Mammography Department to reference if needed. What a great tool. So glad to see that you are still out there helping all of us in our field to continue to do the best for our patients. Sincerely, Maureen Knapp R.T.(M)

Marie M. La Fargue, MPH

Director, Oncology Programs at MemorialCare Health System, MemorialCare Cancer Institute

I have worked collaboratively with Bonnie Rush over a decade, and have benefited from her commitment to breast imaging excellence, education, performance improvement, and collegial spirit. She has been a consistent, dedicated, and values driven professional who understands the impact and integration of breast imaging along the continuum of care. I would highly recommend that an organization utilize her talent because she intimately understands what is critical in clinical imaging well beyond technology and the latest machine. She embraces people, reaches out to the community, and is very open to interdisciplinary integration.

Nathaniel Berg, MD, Margie White, RT(R)(M) of Guam X-Ray and the People of Guam

We passed our ACR accreditation without a single box checked in the film review section. Thank you so very much for helping us to optimize our program thru coordinating the USC training and your subsequent on-site consulting. We are now the only facility serving the indigent people of Guam. You have helped many women who would otherwise not have mammography available on this island otherwise. When I say many, I mean many. There are some 40,000 people whose only insurance is the Guam Government sponsored assistance program. I look forward to inviting you back! Sincerely,

Amy Watters

Scripps San Diego.

I ordered the new edition of MQSA Made Easy by Bonnie Rush, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

I have used her prior one, and it has never failed me, but this includes DBT and EQUIP regulations. It is extremely organized and reads like a recipe.  Thanks so much Bonnie for making the MQSA so much more easily understood.